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Landscaping Services in Marietta, GA

Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co.’s Lawn Maintenance

For over 20 years, Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. has been providing landscaping services to residential and commercial customers throughout Marietta, GA, and the surrounding suburbs. We are here to assist with all your landscaping, hardscaping, lawn maintenance, dumpster, and tree needs. When you need comprehensive yard solutions, our team is ready to handle any job. If recently you’ve noticed your landscaping has become progressively soggier and less lush, it’s probably time to invest in a yard drainage system.

Yard Drainage Systems 101

An efficient drainage system is an essential step to proactive lawn maintenance. Yard drainage systems are typically comprised of simple piping that is buried underneath your property. Sometimes, the pipe requires assistance from a sump pump. These systems work to divert water away from your landscaping, emptying it into an area where it will not cause any damage to your property. This diversion is essential because too much-standing water in your lawn can cost you time, energy, and money. The benefits of installing a drainage system in your property include:

  • Prevent soil erosion – When it rains, the soil in your yard is often displaced from your landscape and relocated to other areas of your lawn. Though this may not seem like a huge deal, improper drainage can lead to soil erosion and problems with your property’s soil depth. Not addressing this issue can cause significant damage to your once beautifully-crafted landscaping.
  • Prevent standing water – Standing water is not only a breeding ground for pests like mosquitos, but it can also create slippery, unsafe areas. If this wasn’t enough, too much stagnant water could kill your landscaping by drowning your plants and grass.
  • Prevent water damage – Water damage can become critical, especially when it starts compromising your home’s foundation. When severe weather strikes in Marietta, GA, water can force its way into the cracks of your foundation. This can cause considerable damage to the foundation of your home and problems in your basement or crawlspace.

Installing A Drainage System in Your Yard

When you’re through sharing your yard with mosquitos, be sure to reach out to the professionals at Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co. for comprehensive drain installations. Our repeat customers are an excellent indication of the quality of service you can expect to receive when calling on us for lawn maintenance and landscaping services. Don’t make the mistake of making this a DIY project or relying on any old landscaping company to install your drain systems. Taking on this project yourself can be a considerable undertaking, and accidentally puncturing an underground utility line can cause damage that isn’t cheap to fix. Our team is fully licensed and insured, guaranteeing that our services will be done correctly the first time.

French Drains

A French drain is the most well-known type of yard drainage system. While the specifics vary, a French drain is usually comprised of piping or gravel as a type of filtration system. French drains are subsurface drains and can be regular or pipeless. Additionally, French drains direct water to a drain near the curb rather than dispersing it within the landscape. Our French drain installations are carried out in the following steps:

  1. We determine the best location – Determining the best place for your drain installation depends on where the problem areas are located, elevation levels, and the condition of the soil. Our professionals can evaluate the depth and slope of your landscape to determine an efficient place for your yard drainage systems.
  2. Prepare to dig the drain –Danilo’s team of professionals are up-to-date on all city codes and requirements. We also understand the importance of marking any underground lines to ensure there are no accidents while digging.
  3. Measure the grading –We will hammer two stakes into the ground to mark the dimensions of your drainage systems trench. A taut string is tied between the stakes, allowing for easy grade measurements as we start digging. Regular measuring checks will be completed throughout the drain installation process.
  4. Dig a trench – The width of the channel will depend on how extensive the drainage problem has become. During the digging process, constant grading measurements are necessary.
  5. Line the trench with fabric and gravel – Once the trench is dug, it will be lined and held in place with landscape fabric and gravel. The fabric prevents dirt from mixing with the gravel and promotes water filtration. We will make sure the gravel is directed towards an outlet to drain away from the home.
  6. Add piping (pipe French drain only) –We will place appropriate piping at the bottom of the trench. We will make sure the pipe is directed towards an outlet to drain away from the home.
  7. Fill with gravel –Gravel will be shoveled in to keep everything protected and in place. We will then top-off this landscaping service with another layer of fabric and cover it with topsoil and new sod.

Trench Drains

The trench drain is a surface drainage structure designed to let the water properly drain. This trench is a gutter that is set into the ground. It can help protect areas where erosion may be an issue by slowing down the flowing water and diverting it to another area. It can also be used with sump pump systems to remove water from low-lying areas. Trench drains are installed through the following steps:

  1. Determine location – The first step for trench drain installation is to find the proper location for the trench drain(s). Our team will review the details of your lawn maintenance needs, and the trench drain system is structured to prevent any build-ups or safety issues.
  2. Excavation – Proper channels will be dug to fit the size and scope of your drainage needs.
  3. Channel layout and assembly – Once the trench is dug out, we’ll lay down the appropriate channels to ensure proper drainage. They will then be assembled.
  4. Concrete pour – With all the channels in their proper positions, concrete will be poured to ensure everything stays in place.
  5. Inspection and grating – We will do a thorough inspection to ensure everything has come together correctly and then will install grating.

Drain System Perimeter

A perimeter drain is a system that is designed to prevent water from getting into your basement or crawlspace. It is a perforated pipe that is installed underground and around the perimeter of your house. This drain system is installed in a way that slopes away from the home and carries water towards the main sewer system. Though perimeter drains are out of sight and therefore out of mind, it is important to have a professional take a look. This is especially the case if you begin to notice any puddles forming around your foundation or leaking in the sub-levels of your home. The team at Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co. can help maintain your perimeter drain system so you never have to worry about stagnant water or leaks again.

Drain installations are a great way to keep your landscaping looking great for years to come. When you’re ready for Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co.’s landscaping services, give us a call at 678-831-5262