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Landscaping Services in Marietta, GA

Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co. Lawn Maintenance

If you’re like most Marietta, GA homeowners, you want the proper landscaping services to ensure your home is looking it’s very best. Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co. have been helping homeowners get their yard in peek condition. If the hot Georgia sun has done irreversible damage to your grass this season, it may be time to think about our residential sod installation services. We will perform the proper lawn maintenance to prep your yard and make it ready for laying sod.

Preparing for Sod Installation

The seasoned professionals at Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co. will take special care to prep your yard for sod implementation. There are many ways our team will prepare your yard new sod installation. Firstly, the sod should be installed during spring or summer, when the soil is warm and easy to dig through. Some additional steps out team of professionals will take to prepare your lawn for grass sod installation:

  • Take a soil test – We’ll ensure your yard is the appropriate growing environment for laying sod by taking a soil test. Most grass sod thrives in well-aerated soils with a pH that is slightly acidic (between 6 and 7.5). It may take a few weeks to receive results, which is why we encourage homeowners interested in sod installation to carry out this process themselves as to not delay installation. Once we receive the results from the test, we will give your lawn the proper attention it needs for adequate sod care.
  • Take measurements – We always take the most accurate measurements of your property, so our customers never have to pay for more sod than necessary for their yard. We will also account for extra sod that will need to be cut down to fit any curves or unique angles in your yard.
  • The specifics – Our team will talk with you about your lawn’s details. We’ll need to know where your hardiness zone is, where the sun typically is versus the shade, how much you use your grass, and so on. These questions will help us determine the types of grasses that should be in your sod.

All of these considerations will help our team deliver exceptional landscaping services to your lawn.

Sod Installation Process

At Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co., we have years of experience in exemplary landscaping services. We understand that the secret to great sod is that it is installed right the first time. The sod installation process is carried out in the following steps:

  1. Lawn preparation – Our team will remove any old grass still in your yard and then will smooth out the remaining topsoil. We will then add more topsoil and add more to appropriate areas to create a leveled landscape.
  2. Smooth out the landscape – We use a lawn roller to smooth out and set the soil of your lawn to prep for the sod implementation.
  3. Lay down sod – We begin laying the sod carefully and precisely to ensure there are no gaps and that everything lines up together perfectly.
  4. Roll it out – We bring out the lawn roller once again to go over the sod and smooth out any pockets of trapped air.
  5. Cleaning – With Danilo’s landscaping services, you’ll never even know we were here! We make sure to clean up any debris or give everything a final sweep to ensure your lawn is looking pristine
  6. Watering – This is the most essential step of the residential sod installation process, which we’ll go into further detail below.

Watering Sod After Installation

Properly watering your new sod installation is the most crucial step to sod care. Effectively completing this step will ensure your grass sod takes root correctly. Ample moisture is imperative for sod survival. Our team will water your freshly installed sod 30 minutes after installation to encourage rooting. Until the sod officially roots (one to three weeks), it will need to be watered with an inch of water every one to three days. It is crucial to keep the sod and soil consistently moist but should not see any puddles or stagnant water in these areas. Once completely rooted, you can decrease watering sod to an inch of water weekly.

Sod Care 101

At Danilo’s Tree Service and Landscaping Co., we made taking care of your new sod installation easy. Here is a quick guide on how to properly care for your sod once our landscaping services are complete:

  • First two weeks – The key to successful sod care is to ensure it is adequately watered. Within the first week, especially, it is imperative to keep your sod damp at all times. It should feel spongy under your feet. With that being said, it’s best to stay off of your new sod installation to ensure it does not sink
  • Weeks three and four – these following weeks are used as a transitional period for your sod. The goal is to begin watering your sod less and less over time. When you do water, it’s best to do so in the early morning or evenings when less evaporation occurs.
  • The remaining season – As the roots grow deeper, less water will be needed. This is a crucial time to pay attention to your yard’s needs. If your lawn looks dry, water it. If moisture is constant due to weather, refrain from overwatering it.
  • Mow accordingly – you should only pow your lawn if it exceeds 31/2″. It’s essential not to cut it shorter than 2″ for the first few mows. If any pulling or sinking occurs to your sod when attempting to mow, the sod may be too wet, and you will need to let it dry out a bit before mowing.

If you have any further questions about sod care, or if you want to receive a free estimate on our landscaping services and lawn maintenance solutions, contact us today at 678-831-0875.