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Tree Removal Services in Marietta, GA

Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. Removes Dead Trees

Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. is a licensed and insured tree service and landscaping company based in scenic Marietta, GA. Tree removal services are one of our specialties. When it comes to removing a tree, it pays to hire skilled arborists who understand how to perform the task safely. Our professional, detail-oriented specialists operate quickly but carefully. We’ll get rid of the offending tree without damaging your home or property and thoroughly. As a bonus, we offer stump grinding services. Once we’re finished, we can haul the shredded stump away, or our team can leave them with you for landscaping mulch.

Tree Removal for Residential Properties in Marietta

Our work on residential properties across the homes in Marietta, GA speaks for itself, and so do our satisfied customers. We know tree removal can be stressful, especially if a severe storm partially knocked the tree down. In these cases, the safety of your home and those in it depend on acting quickly and removing the downed tree. Residential property owners can rely on us to provide the services they need to protect themselves and beautify their homes.

How Danilos Can Help Your Commercial Property

As a business owner, you might rely on landscaping to make an impression on visitors to your property. In that case, a finely-manicured property is a must. But a dying, overgrown, or downed tree distracts from the beauty of the rest of your property. Sometimes, the best course of action you can take is to remove the tree. You can use the new space to install new landscaping and hardscaping, both of which Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. provides.

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Tree removal happens for a variety of reasons, on both residential and commercial properties. But the common thread is the need for professional help. You should never attempt to remove a tree yourself. However, you can perform some self-diagnosis on the tree to determine whether removal is best. Grab a set of binoculars. You can use them to inspect the upper reaches of your tree carefully. Trees can be removed when they:

1. Are Dying or Have Died:

There are several ways to diagnose a dying or dead tree. Look at the base of the tree. Healthy trees don’t have fungi, such as mushrooms, growing at their base. Is there chipped or peeling bark on the truck? That’s one clear symptom of a dying tree. Use your binoculars to view the upper crown of the tree. Are there hanging branches? You can also look for thin twigs without living buds. A healthy tree should contain buds at the ends of branches.

2. Suffer from Tree Diseases:

Trees get sick too! Tree diseases can sometimes be rectified. But most of the time, the disease is the kiss of death for a tree. Not only do diseases kill trees, but invasive pests also play a role in the deterioration of your beloved tree. Here in Georgia, the Emerald Ash Borer is wreaking havoc on ash trees throughout the state. Rust-colored markings on leaves, fire blight, and mildew on the surface of leaves all indicate a diseased tree.

3. Are Physical Damaged:

It’s no secret Georgia experiences some hairy storms. Strong winds, hail, and tornados can all upend a tree. If that’s the case, then tree removal is an emergency. Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. offers 24/7 emergency tree services. If a storm partially knocked over a tree, it isn’t wise to wait to remove it. Gravity could finish the job.

4. Encroach on their Surroundings:

Sometimes trees don’t respect humans’ development wishes. In other words, some trees grow too close to power lines or buildings for comfort. In these cases, we recommend you hire Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. to remove the tree before it causes any damage.

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

One of the things that set Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. apart from other arborists is our desire to get to know you. We’re on a first-name basis at Danilo’s. While we pride ourselves on working quickly once we begin a tree removal project, it doesn’t mean we neglect to earn our reputation for sterling customer service. We know you have a specific vision for your residential or commercial property. The only way for us to respect it is to ask the right questions and listen to your answers. From there, we do our best to perform our responsibilities in line with your wishes. We apply the same philosophy to all our services. If you need hardscaping, we’ll take your vision and make it a reality. Are you looking for reliable hedge trimming services? We won’t cut too much off. To learn more about what makes Danilo’s Tree Service & Landscaping Co. special, contact us today.